Monday, August 20, 2007


The battleship "Wisconsin" (BB-64) is one of the few US Navy ships to have seen action in World War II (she was launched in time to help in the liberation of the Philippines), Korean War and liberation of Kuwait in "Operation Desert Storm".

The "Wisconsin" is over 887 feet long, 108 feet wide, weighs 57,500 tons. Her deck aft is large enough to fit one-and-a-half basketball courts.

Each of the "Wisconsin's" nine 16-inch guns can fire individually or in a salvo. Six huge gunpowder bags (the mom & kid provide a reference on the size of the gun's ammuniton) propel the shell 23 miles away (if the "Wisconsin" were moored beside the Quirino Grandstand, she could hit as far away as Binan, Laguna to the south or Binangonan, Rizal to the east or Bulacan, Bulacan to the north).

Aside from her 16-inch guns, the "Wisconsin" is also armed with a dozen 5-inch guns, 32 Tomahawk cruise missile launchers, 16 Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers and four anti-aircraft Phalanx systems. She currently serves as a floating museum at the Nauticus in Norfolk, Virginia but can be mobilized anytime for national emergencies.

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